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5 Dog Boarding Tips for Keeping Your Pooch Safe in the Car

June 18, 2019 2:35 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Summer is here—and that means road trips for many people across the Lower Mainland. You could leave your pet behind at a dog boarding service.  But with the warmer weather in full swing, Vancouver residents are packing up their cars and hitting the highways for an adventure with their dogs.

Whether it is a short daytrip or a month-long journey, you want to take some precautions when you are bringing your pup along for the ride. Read on to learn our top dog boarding tips to keep your fur baby safe in the car.

Tip #1: Don’t leave your dog alone in the car

We all know it, but somehow, people still leave their dog unattended in the car, sometimes leading to tragic consequences. Even if it doesn’t seem hot outside, temperatures inside a car can reach deadly levels in mere minutes. So, make sure to always try to take your pup with you whenever you leave your car.

Tip #2: Keep your dog off your lap

Ask any pet parent, pooches love riding shotgun. But allowing your dog to sit upfront with you can be distracting and dangerous. What’s more, if you do get into an accident, the pressure from a deploying airbag is enough to seriously injure or kill your dog.

Tip #3: Secure your pup in the backseat

Just like your two-legged passengers, dogs should buckle up every time they are in the car. Even a minor fender-bender can severely harm an unrestrained dog. Tethering your pet to the back seat with a safety harness is the best way to keep them safe while out on the road.

Tip #4: Take breaks

Longer road trips can be tough on anyone, including your furry friends. Make sure to give your dog plenty of breaks, allowing them time to eat and drink. To keep your pup happy (and your car clean), stop every few hours for a quick bathroom break.

Tip #5: Prevent your dog from bolting

Countless pets are lost or injured each year due to darting off. Being in a new environment can be stressful for many dogs. And if they have the chance to run off, they just might. Properly restraining your dog in the backseat and keeping them leashed when they are out of the vehicle will prevent uncontrolled bolting.

Summer is the perfect time to hit the road with your furry friend.  Instead of dog daycare, taking a few preventative measures will go a long way to keeping your dog safe while you are enjoying a road trip this summer.

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