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Ruff Stuff Dog Service’s Story

Dogs have been a long-time passion for both Tracy & Erik; therefore, in 2003, Ruff Stuff Dog Services was born in order to provide the ultimate dog care services in Vancouver which includes dog walking, dog boarding, dog daycare as well as an adoption home for dogs in need of a loving forever home.

Ruff Stuff Dog Services is fully licensed in Vancouver, Richmond, North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Squamish and follows a protocol that ensures we conduct ourselves in a professional manner that is respectful of the dogs in our care, other park users and the environment.

Ruff Stuff conducts criminal record checks on all our staff. We are also fully insured and trained in K9 first-aid.

We have a fantastic team of pack leaders that work for us who are all dog lovers, life-long dog guardians and outdoor enthusiasts (rain, shine, sleet or snow)! One member of our team is a certified dog trainer with over 15 years of training experience. We love dogs, people and the great outdoors and look forward to meeting you and your dog!

Ruff Stuff Dog Services, Making Your Dog’s Day!

“We both grew up around dogs and enjoy nothing more than to be surrounded by a few of our K9 friends while we’re hiking up a mountain trail. We firmly believe in the need to be the pack leader to our own dogs Destiny, Fozzy, Zack & Bree and to all the dogs we care for. Dogs are social animals that thrive in a pack setting where the dominance hierarchy is clear as this promotes harmony within the pack. A pack leader does not exhibit dominance through aggression or bullying but through calm, assertive, consistent leadership.”
– Tracy & Erik