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Whether you live in Squamish or you’re commuting along the Sea To Sky Highway for business or pleasure, if you need a safe, fun, stimulating place for your dog to hang out and play with other friendly dogs for the day, look no further than The Ruff Stuff Retreat!

While spending the day at Ruff Stuff’s fully fenced 1-acre property your dog will spend their day socializing with other dogs in a safe environment where they will be fully monitored by our trained Handlers. When you pick up your dog after a day of dog daycare you’ll find your best friend to be calm, content and ready to relax with you!!

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, we are unable to accept new daycare clients until further notice as we are at full capacity. We also aren’t accepting new clients for overnight boarding until after Labour Day. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

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Why choose Ruff Stuff’s Daycare for your dog?

animal paw Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding

Voted Best Dog Daycare, 2016 by the Squamish Reader’s Choice Awards

  • Ruff Stuff Squamish offers a shuttle service to pick up and/or drop off your Squamish based pups (applicable fee’s apply).
  • Ruff Stuff has been one of Vancouver’s premier dog care companies since 2003 and Squamish since 2012.
  • Your friendly, well-socialized dog will get to enjoy the company of other friendly, well-socialized dogs to romp, play and wrestle with, play fetch, tug, or whatever games they enjoy on our fully fenced 1-acre property.
  • We have multiple outdoor play areas, agility equipment, and a sand-pit to keep all the dogs busy and stimulated.
  • We also have an indoor play area for those nasty days when even the dogs don’t want to go outside.
  • Playing with canine companions is a great way to reduce anxiety, get exercise and build socialization skills.
  • For puppies, day care is a great way to socialize with dogs that are fully vaccinated and have been temperament tested, providing a safe environment to make friends and develop their social skills.
  • Ruff Stuff prides ourselves on not over-crowding our daycare and we separate dogs into small play groups to help ensure all the dogs safety.
  • The dogs are always monitored by our professional staff to make sure that the play stays positive and controlled.
  • We have plenty of Karunda dog beds and leather couches for nap times.
  • Dogs are required to pass a social evaluation that helps ensure a good “fit” with the other dogs.
  • Our Handlers form strong bonds with our guests. We know their best friends at daycare, what food they like, whether they can share toys with other dogs, whether they are more reserved or the life of the party.
  • We will inform you right away if there is a medical issue or if your pooch just isn’t himself that day.
  • Strict vaccination policies to ensure your pet’s health during his or her stay.
  • An environment free of health hazards such as toxic chemicals and objects that can be swallowed.

Hours of Operation – Squamish

animal paw Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding

Monday to Friday: 7:30 am to 5:30 pm

By Appointment Only On Weekends and Holidays

Pick up and Drop Off Times:

Drop off times

 Monday – Friday, 7:30 am to 11 am

Weekends & Holidays: By Appointment Only

Pick up times

 Monday – Friday,  4 pm to 5:30 pm

Weekends & Holidays: By Appointment Only

Group of dogs in Squamish Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding

All rates are subject to GST.
Each additional dog per household will receive 25% off all services.

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