Dog Walking Vancouver

Vancouver Dog Walking Services

Dog walking in Vancouver provides some of the best hiking and walking trails anywhere! Your dog will love our 2-hour adventures or, if a shorter walk is more appropriate, we offer 1-hour walks or a combination of the two to best suit your needs and the needs of your dog.

At Ruff Stuff Dog Services, we know how busy life gets. Between work, family and friends you barely have time for yourself, let alone enough spare time to take your dog for the nice long walk they need. We can alleviate some of the pressure from your busy lives by taking care of your dog’s exercise needs so that you can take care of everything else, including yourself.

Our excursions provide your dog with the exercise, socialization and stimulation that they need and want. As a result you’ll notice that your dog is calmer, displays less destructive tendencies, and is more content. As the saying goes, ‘A Tired Dog is a Good Dog!’

We pick up and drop off the dogs from your home or office and then take them on your choice of a fabulous 1 or 2-hour outing. You also have a choice of pick-up times depending on what works best for your schedule whether you are looking for dog walking in Vancouver or Squamish. We currently have a fleet of vehicles that are all set up specifically to safely & comfortably transport your dogs to and from their excursions.

We are bonded, licensed, insured and trained in K9 first-aid.

PLEASE NOTE – Our Vancouver Dog Walking service is currently at full capacity. To join the waitlist, please click the button below and fill out the form.

All rates are subject to GST.
Each additional dog per household will receive 25% off all services.


Our Dog Walks and Hikes in Vancouver

Whether you select 1-hour excursions, 2-hour adventures or a combination of the two, your dog will have a LOT of fun and will come home tired and happy.

Remember, A Tired Dog is a Good Dog!

Mid-Morning 2-Hour Adventures

We start picking up the mid-morning dogs at 8:30am and return them back home usually by around 1pm.

Our mid-morning adventures usually take place at the local Vancouver parks and beaches where the dogs enjoy running, swimming, chasing balls and playing with their four legged buddies.

Afternoon 2-Hour Adventures:

We start picking up the afternoon dogs at around 10:30 am and return them home usually by 3 pm.

Our afternoon adventures take place at a variety of locations including local Vancouver parks and beaches and the trails of Vancouver’s North Shore mountains where the dogs enjoy hiking on the trails, playing with their dog friends, swimming in rivers, playing in the snow, chasing squirrels and sniffing everything in sight.

1-Hour Excursions

Our 1-hour excursions are designed for those dog’s who might find a 2-hour adventure to be a bit more than they need. The 1-hour excursions take place closer to home. Depending on the group it may be a stroll through Vancouver’s Pacific Spirit Park trails, a visit to the local dog park/beach or a combination of the two. The dogs on the 1-hour excursions still get to socialize with other friendly dog’s but the pace is a bit slower so ideal for older/less energetic dogs or for the little guys. Timing of the 1-hour excursions will vary depending on the location of the dogs in the group.


Ruff Stuff requires proof that all dogs are vaccinated with the following:
Rabies & Puppy Booster Vaccinations (all 3 sets)

Ruff Stuff requires proof that all dogs either receive annual titer testing or are vaccinated annually with the following:
Distemper Combination, Bordatella (Kennel Cough) & Flea prevention

If you are considering signing your dog up for any of our services but you do not plan to vaccinate your dog annually, we will require proof of annual titer testing.

Ruff Stuff Dog Services will not accept aggressive, ill or injured dogs.

For the protection of the other dogs, the general public and our staff, Ruff Stuff reserves the right to refuse dogs that are anti-social and/or disruptive, dogs that are not neutered, dogs that are in heat and dogs that are ill or injured.