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Why Doggy Daycare is More important Than You Think

December 30, 2018 4:33 pm Published by 1 Comment

Bringing a new four-legged friend home is exciting. Having your family grow with the addition of a furry companion can also cause a few issues as you become accustomed to one another. Different breeds will have different personalities, and different needs. Even two pups from the same litter can have wildly different personas and present you with completely unique challenges. Sometimes, they will be a perfect match for you. Other times… not so much.

Despite the differences from one dog to another, there is one thing that you can count on: they all require mental stimulation and exercise if they are to remain a happy, healthy part of your family.

Despite our best intentions when we adopt our dogs, we sometimes find ourselves unable to keep up with their needs. Most families these days perform a juggling act, with both parents working, and kids attending school, sports, music lessons, or other commitments. When winter rolls around, it often becomes even harder, with many of us not very anxious to head out into the cold to walk the dog.

We all know that pets who don’t get enough exercise are prone to becoming overweight, which brings with it all sorts of health issues, but there are other effects that tend to be overlooked; a dog that doesn’t receive enough exercise can become anxious and needy, and even worse, they will look for ways to entertain themselves—ways that are likely not what we would prefer. You may find them digging in your yard, or even in your houseplants. They may become destructive in other ways or may begin to bark excessively.

You might feel that dropping some cash on several dog toys will solve the problem, and that may help. There are certainly any number of toys designed to stimulate your pet and get them moving. Some may be stuffed with dry treats, or simply appeal to your dog in some other way. You could even try your hand at making your own toys, using common items from items around the house. Your dog may already have set his sights on something that could become a makeshift toy.

Ultimately, however, you dog will want a companion to play with, and that is where doggy daycare comes in.

Doggy daycare offers several advantages, some of which may be evident, others perhaps less so. One of the greatest advantages, however, is knowing that your dog is safe and secure, under supervision throughout the day while you are at work or attending to other matters. And unlike leaving them home alone, you can always place a quick call to check up on them and make sure they are doing well.

Your dog will also benefit from much more activity than they would engage in at home. They will be able to run, jump, roll, and play without fear of damaging your furniture, knocking over a vase, or getting into other forms of mischief. On top of that, you won’t have to worry about them barking and disturbing the neighbours!

Doggy daycare will also give your dog a chance to socialize. Improving their social skills will benefit both you and them, resulting in a more confident companion that will be more stable in situations that some other dogs might find stressful.

You may even find a daycare that offers shuttle services, transporting your furry friend in safety and comfort.

Doggy daycare is more important than you think, both for your dog’s emotional and physical well-being, and your own enjoyment of your pet.

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