The Best Dog Daycare in Vancouver | Ruff Stuff

The Best Dog Daycare in Vancouver | Ruff Stuff

Does your dog want to have some fun while your away? We know it does. At Ruff Stuff, your dog will have tons of fun. Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare in Vancouver is easy as 1, 2, 3. We understand that sending your dog to daycare can be stressful for both you, and your dog. 

Whether you live in Metro Vancouver, Squamish, or even if you’re looking for a dog daycare in North Vancouver, Ruff Stuff offers a wonderful free-range dog daycare setting that your friendly, social dog will absolutely LOVE and will want to go back right away. We also offer a Ruff Stuff retreat to Squamish as well where your dog will be in absolute outdoor paradise. 

There’s also the Ruff Stuff Retreat, our dog daycare in Squamish, at the home of Tracy and Erik, Ruff Stuff’s owners. At the Ruff Stuff Retreat, the dogs get to enjoy our fully fenced 1-acre property where they have plenty of space to run, play, wrestle, chase balls, play tug, dig in the sandpit, play on our agility equipment and more! When the dogs aren’t playing with their new friends, we have leather couches and comfy dog beds for them to snuggle up on for naps and at night.

The Ruff Stuff facility is heated in the winter and cooled with AC in the summer. The downstairs of the house has been converted for the dogs. We have plenty of leather couches, comfy dog beds and some extra large crates for these dogs that prefer their own space at night. Fresh clean Squamish water is provided all day and all night, indoors, and outdoors. Dogs are fed twice per day and medications and/or supplements are administered as per your instructions.

Shuttle Service at Our Doggy Daycare in Vancouver

For the convenience of our Metro Vancouver dog daycare guests, we offer a shuttle service from/to our Vancouver/Squamish facilities.
  • The shuttle runs on a Monday – Friday basis. Please note – It does not run on weekends or stat holidays. Applicable charges apply.
  • The shuttle service is free for Vancouver Dog Daycare guests staying with us for 15+ nights.
  • Our shuttle vans are fully ventilated and equipped with AC and heat to safely and comfortably transport your dog between our 2 facilities.
  • For dogs heading up to Squamish, please have them dropped off at our Vancouver daycare facility by 11am
  • We’ll return them there by 11am on the day they’ll be heading home. They are welcome to stay at the daycare until 6:30pm (additional daycare charges may apply).
  • You are more than welcome to drop off or pick up your dog directly in Squamish if you prefer, or on days the shuttle isn’t running.

Vancouver Dog Daycare – Pick Up and Drop Off Times

Drop off times are between 7 – 11 am, Monday – Friday and we’ll transport your dog to our Retreat in Squamish that day.

Pick up times are between 11 am – 6:30 pm, Monday – Friday

Squamish Dog Daycare – Pick Up and Drop Off Times

Drop off times are between 7 – 11am, Monday – Friday or 8-11am on Weekends and Statutory Holidays

Pick up times are between 7 – 11am & 4 – 6pm, Monday – Friday and 8-11am or 4-6pm on Weekends and Statutory Holidays


  • We’re all about fun at the Ruff Stuff Retreat. We have equipment to play on and run through, a sand pit, balls and ropes and plenty of space for the dogs to run and play
  • Paddling pools are set-up for dogs that want to take a dip or splash around during the warmer months.
  • Cuddles, cuddles and more cuddles!!

Our Handlers

  • Tracy and Erik, the owners, have been operating Ruff Stuff since 2003.
  • We have well trained, fully qualified handlers to help us care for the dogs on a daily basis who know how to read K-9 body language and are K-9 first aid trained.
  • Montana has 10 years of experience working as a veterinarian technician.
  • We are all absolutely nuts about dogs!!


  • Every day the entire facility is cleaned and sanitized including all water bowls.
  • Feeding bowls are washed and sanitized after each use to help prevent any cross-contamination.
  • Bedding is washed regularly.
  • All dog waste is picked up regularly throughout the day and properly disposed of via Scooby’s Dog Waste Disposal service.


  • The 1-acre property is fully fenced and very secure.
  • When dogs arrive at the facility via our shuttle, the property is fully secured before they are brought out of the van.
  • All doors and gates are kept locked at all times.
  • Crates, separate rooms and extra large kennels for dogs that prefer and/or require their own space at night.
  • Cameras, smoke & CO2 sensors and fire extinguishers are installed in every indoor area of the facility.
  • New dogs are introduced slowly to the rest of the guests and dogs are housed with dogs they get along well with.
  • We only accept friendly dogs to help reduce the possibility of altercations.
  • Dogs are always closely monitored 24 hours per day

Love & Attention

  • All the dogs are given plenty of one on one attention, cuddles, ear scratches, belly rubs, butt rubs, and more!
  • If we notice your dog’s nails are a bit long, we’ll give them a little pedicure.
  • Every night Tracy puts all the dogs to bed and everyone gets tucked in and receives a little cuddle and a kiss on the top of the head  ♥.

Bathing Service

Upon request, we can give your dog a nice bubble bath before sending them home at the end of their stay. See Rates Page for prices.

All rates are subject to GST.
Each additional dog per household will receive 25% off all services.

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