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Tracy Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding


Tracy and Erik, “Top Dawgs”

Vancouver and Squamish Locations since 2003

Tracy and Erik have devoted their entire lives to their own dog’s and to Ruff Stuff and all of our wonderful client’s pups. They currently have 4 rescue dog’s of their own (Destiny, Fozzy, Zack and Bree) and together in 2003 they created Ruff Stuff out of their 1 bedroom apartment in Kitsilano. They started off offering group 2 hour adventure hikes and as the years went by they built an amazing team, moved to Squamish and opened the Ruff Stuff Retreat and then opened their doggie daycare in East Vancouver. They are surrounded by dogs every minute of every day and wouldn’t have it any other way!!

“Dog’s are the most spectacular creatures put on this earth. We are so lucky and blessed to have their trust, friendship, love and loyalty.” – Tracy

Erik team Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding


Our Amazing Team

Samantha Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding

Samantha, Manager and Senior Dog Handler
Vancouver Location since 2008

animal paw Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding

I grew up in what I would describe as a small zoo. My house was rarely with out at least 5 different species of animals running around. From snakes and lizards to rabbits, guinea pigs and even a 180LB Mastiff. I was the kid who rescued the birds that smashed into a window and always seemed to find the missing dogs. I volunteered at the Oakland SPCA from a young age and also here in Vancouver as an evening dog walker. Dogs have always been top of my chart and I knew I needed a career working with them. After some time working in a vet clinic I found a more positive way to express my passion – Ruff Stuff!

“Seeing the happy pooch faces everyday makes all the poop-scooping totally worth it“ .- Samantha

Mary Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding

Mary, Senior Dog Handler and Assistant Manager
Vancouver Location since 2008

animal paw Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding

Ever since I can remember, I have always been around and loved animals. My family has always included animals, from dogs and cats to gerbils and lizards. Caring for animals is my passion. Learning as much as I can about their behavior, anatomy, evolution and psychology. As a child, I volunteered at the SPCA and then went on to work at Veterinary Clinic.

“Spending my days surrounded by man’s best friend is so fulfilling and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else” .- Mary

Kim Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding

Kim, Dog Handler
Vancouver Location since 2013

animal paw Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding

Working at Ruff Stuff has given me the opportunity to combine both my love of dogs and nature.

My love of dogs came when I was just two years old when I got my first puppy. That little bundle of fur was to become my best friend growing up. My mother aptly named her Luv and she gave me not only 14 years of love but also her protection and companionship. When I brought home my first puppy as an adult, I immersed myself in videos, blogs, podcasts and books on everything about puppyhood, training and dog behaviour. My interest has since been focused more on the psychology of dogs and how dogs can communicate and express emotions without using words. This awareness has led me to acquire my Reiki I, an energy healing art, which has helped me experience a greater bond and connection with the dogs. I bring this love and understanding on every outdoor adventure I share with them.

“Always hoping for a world filled with more happy dogs!” .- Kim

Oksana Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding

Oksana, Daycare Attendant
Vancouver Location since 2016

animal paw Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding

Oksana was raised by a Master Dog Trainer and as a result has been around dogs since the day she was born. Thanks to hands on experience and all the knowledge that her Mom shared with her she now has the opportunity to work with these amazing animals and learn valuable lessons from them every day at Ruff Stuff. Oksana loves how loyal, loving and forgiving dogs are as she feels those are the most important attributes anyone can have.

“Coming to work and being welcomed by the dogs every morning with so much excitement & love, knowing that I have their trust makes me forget about all the worries in the world & there’s nothing better than loving what you do for a living” .- Oksana

Montana Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding

Montana, Boarding and Daycare Attendant
Squamish Location since 2015

animal paw Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding

Montana was born and raised in Squamish and is an avid animal lover who currently has 3 dogs and 4 cats who she and her husband adopted from various rescue organizations. Montana worked for 10 years as a Veterinary Technician before joining Ruff Stuff on a casual basis in 2015 and then on a full time basis in 2016. When she’s not working with dogs she enjoys gardening, reading and spending time with her husband and all their animals.

“I love it when the dogs are having the times of their lives playing together so perfectly” .-Montana

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