Our clients say it all! Read what our happy dog walking, dog boarding and dog daycare clients say about Ruff Stuff Dog Services. Happy dogs and their people is our mandate, therefore, we strive to provide the highest quality care and service.


“It’s been about 2 months since we signed up Odie for walks with Ruff Stuff. Though it took him a couple of more trips than usual to get used it – he’s now happy as can be to see Tracy on Wednesday mornings! Thank you so much to Ruff Stuff for making Odie’s transition as smooth as can be. It’s a great feeling to come home to a dog that hasn’t been alone all day and is “dog-tired.”
– Iris T. and Steve R.


“When we come home after Charlie has had one of his adventure walks he has a huge smile on his face! Thanks to Tracy and her trusted team.”
– Gillian and Martin

Bara Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding


“Tracy and Eric have gone above and beyond in looking after Bara,our ginger ninja, who is a bit of an escape artist! They have given her wonderful outings and made a huge effort to give her the best walk possible while ensuring her safety and well being.

Bara is very choosy about whom she will greet but she runs happily to the door when Ruff Stuff comes to pick her up.

With many thanks Tracy and Erik, and licks from Bara.”
– Diana C.

Cooper Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding


“We have a five year old black Lab named Cooper, who we consider our first born! We were first introduced to Ruff Stuff a few years back, when our old dog walker simply left us high and dry one day due to the area we lived and congested traffic. We have always believed a well exercised dog is a well behaved dog. So, having Cooper walked on days I worked was very important to us. We called Ruff Stuff and they came over within a day to meet Cooper. They were great with him, we knew instantly that Cooper would be in great care! That same week he was off on his new adventures! He came home happy, relaxed and tired!

In 2006 we moved out of Vancouver into North Burnaby. I thought for sure we would no longer be in the service area for Ruff Stuff. I dreaded finding Cooper another daycare. We knew how much Cooper loved his walks. Well, turns out we didn’t need to look any further. Ruff Stuff was happy to pick Cooper up on their last stop before heading over to the North Shore. What a relief. We’ve never looked back! Cooper doesn’t go for walks with Ruff Stuff everyday, but when he does, he’s eager to go. He’s excited to see his friends and we find him snoring on the couch when we come home!

Tracy, Erik and the Ruff Stuff team are very reliable. I try to book Cooper in for his walks as soon as I know my work schedule, which changes all the time doing shift work! Whether I’ve booked him well in advance or emailed the night before with a last minute request they are always very accommodating. They have never missed a walk, are always on time, and our boy comes home happy and healthy! We are truly fortunate to have Ruff Stuff as our doggie daycare providers!

We have recommended Ruff Stuff to many friends and fellow dog owners and we will continue to do so!”
– Kevin and Sarah P.

Spencer Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding


“I have been using Ruff Stuff Dog Services for almost 4 years-not only for the fantastic mountain hikes and beach walks, but also their boarding services. I know my dog is treated like family when he is with the Ruff Stuff Crew and not just a number! He always comes home happy and exercised! I would (and have) recommended Ruff Stuff to everyone I know with a dog!”
– Shelly M.

Tyber and Sable Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding

Tyler + Sable

“Tyber and Sable are happiest on the days when Ruff Stuff has come and taken them on a woodland or ocean adventure. They are well-exercised (i.e. tired) and happy when I get home from work. The folks at Ruff Stuff are friendly, helpful, and always come when called (just like a good dog :-(. Thanks so much to Tracy and everyone at Ruff Stuff for keeping my grrls happy.”
– Robyn R.

Diggy Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding


“Diggy has been going out with Ruff Stuff for 4 years now and he loves it. Going out daily has boosted his confidence and made him a happy boy. The staff at Ruff Stuff are fantastic, straight forward and always come through. I trust them all implicitly.”
– Olivia C.

Oinky Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding


“Not only has Oinky been going out on his daily ‘hikes’ with Tracy, Erik and the Ruff Stuff team since we arrived in Vancouver 3 years ago, but he also stays with them in their home when I need to go out of town. He leaves me without a backward glance when they pick him up for his walks and races up to say hello to them if we meet them on the beach at the weekend – he clearly loves them! Being able to leave Oinky with them when I travel gives me peace of mind too – I know that he’s happy, well taken care of and safe. I would highly recommend Ruff Stuff – they really are a dogs best friendem’!”
– Sally-Anne L.

Miles Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding


“Miles has been partying it up with the Ruff Stuff crew since he was a puppy…he’s now an “adult” (though as a flat-coated retriever, refuses to act like one!). When I decided to get a dog walker, it was a long, stressful process to find a dog walking company that I felt was reliable enough to trusted with my puppy every day, as well as flexible enough to deal with my (often last minute) requests.

We’ve now been with Ruff Stuff since 2009, and they have been unbelievable!! Miles loves his daily excursions with his buddies, and I rest easy knowing that he’s happy and exhausted at the end of the day. The added bonus is that if I require boarding services, Miles will conveniently be taken directly from his walk to the retreat in Squamish, without any additional scheduling gymnastics on my part – as a busy professional, this is key. And, while Miles loves all of his walkers, I find that Tracy, in particular, has customer service skills that blow me away…I would not hesitate to recommend Ruff Stuff to any one of my friends who needed their walking or boarding services.

Thanks you guys!!”
– Tara G.

Kenya Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding


“Kenya and I have been using Ruff Stuff since 2009. I feel so confident having them take Kenya, my rescued Coonhound cross, for two and sometimes three walks a week to MacDonald Beach for her two hour romps with other dogs. Kenya was a challenging at times dog when she was rescued by me at the age of 4 years. I started by boarding her with Ruff Stuff and then I sent her for the two hour walks twice a week. Kenya is now a happy well socialized dog and I am so relaxed, now that she has such improved skills with other dogs. Any time I have had concerns with Kenya, Tracy has always been willing to take the time to work through them with me.

I trust Tracy and her crew and am so happy I found Ruff Stuff to care for Kenya when I am not available to give her what she needs. Tracy and her staff have proven to be reliable, professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy and caring when dealing with Kenya and with me.”
– M. Branson

Kaneq Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding


“What I love is the joyful way our dog and his Ruff Stuff person greet each other, every time! These people clearly love dogs and can be trusted to take good care of them.

Ruff Stuff Adventures are just what our high-energy pup needs. As Erik says, ‘It helps take the devil out of ’em’!”
– J. Gale

Ziggy Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding


“Ziggy was a crazy four month old doodle puppy when she first met Tracy and Erik in 2008. She is still crazy and still going to Ruff Stuff at least twice a week!! She adores her Ruff Stuff friends, both human and canine and can hardly contain herself when she knows they are picking her up. She leaps into the van, ready for the next adventure! The business is well run and they go out of their way to accommodate customers’ needs and schedules and they are always dependable. In addition the new boarding facilities are -doggie heaven-!! Thumbs up from Ziggy and me!!”
Many thanks
– M. Fauman

Orlando Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding


“Ruff Stuff has played an essential role in Orlando’s daily routine since August 2009. Each morning, Orlando eagerly awaits his adventure – whether he is headed to the North Shore, Pacific Spirit Park or down to the beach, Orlando’s ears are keenly attuned to the sound of the Ruff Stuff van as it pulls up. And following each adventure, Orlando is one tired and satisfied dog. Tracy and the Ruff Stuff team treat Orlando as one of the family and we have been very impressed with Ruff Stuff’s dedication to the art of dog walking. We can highly recommend Ruff Stuff as a reliable, trustworthy and flexible dog service provider – they have always been very accommodating, especially with unforeseen schedule changes. We really appreciate the personalized service we have received over the years, and Orlando looks forward to many more adventures!”
– S. Anderson

Jagger Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding


“Our German Shepherd Jagger waits at the door when it’s time for Ruff Stuff to come get him. His walker’s know him so well and give him exactly what he needs to have a great walk. We also often use the boarding services. To me the sign of good boarding is what your dog is like when he gets back home. Jagger is always like his old self, which is a sign to us that he is having fun and is well cared for. Now with the new grooming service they offer for boarding clients, when he gets back home he is actually more handsome than usual. With our busy and changing schedules, Ruff Stuff is a life saver. They have always been able to meet our needs. We’ve been using Ruff Stuff since 2008 and have always received exemplary customer service.”
– A. Blunk

Coco Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding


“Ruff Stuff has been taking our Vizsla for mountain and beach adventures since she was a puppy. She is a mature dog now and we attribute her relaxed nature and excellent health to her daily walks. The staff at Ruff Stuff have been professional, responsive, organized and a pleasure to deal with. Our dog loves her buddies at Ruff Stuff and we would never consider using another dog walking service.”
– S. Hacksel

Dizzy Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding


“Here is Dizzy after a great outing with Ruff Stuff. Dizzy’s regular outings with Ruff Stuff have greatly added to her confidence and given her a safe and happy social life. Now we are also able to enjoy holidays knowing Dizzy gets wonderful care while we are away. Terrific staff and excellent care.”

Many thanks
– A. Phillips

Morgan Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare walking and Boarding


“I have been using Ruff Stuff for boarding and day walks since 2007. I have been very pleased with their care, warmth, and concern for my great dane, Morgan. Being a large breed dog (and possessing a certain ‘attitude’!), she comes with unique challenges that Ruff Stuff has been very keen, willing, and knowledgeable in handling. She has also unfortunately had a number of illnesses and injuries over the past year and again Ruff Stuff has been incredibly adaptable and caring in their handling of her during these times.

It gives me a great sense of security while at work to know she is out exercising and having fun with such competent and caring individuals.

I would strongly recommend Ruff Stuff to any pet owner.”
– Mellisa F.