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Why Use Our Dog Daycare in Vancouver?

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Giving the care your dog needs can be a challenge if you lead a busy lifestyle. Left alone all day, lack of interaction and stimulation can lead to a host of pup problems, including extreme barking, disobedience, and anxiety. Don’t have a dog-loving neighbour or friend to leave your dog with? Then bring your pet to our dog daycare in Vancouver. Here’s why.

Provides human contact  

Just like you, dogs can experience boredom and loneliness when they are left alone for long periods of time. Without human contact throughout the day, your dog can get into all kinds of mischief at home.

Our handlers will spend countless hours bonding with your dog, providing the love and attention they crave. We take the time to truly understand your pup, from the toys they like to the other dogs they enjoy spending time with.

Develops social skills

Your dog is a pack animal. Playing and socializing with other like-minded dogs helps to stimulate your pup mentally and physically. Taking your pet to a dog daycare in Vancouver will provide the necessary social skills to help them feel more comfortable around new dogs and people.

At Ruff Stuff, we provide great opportunities for your pet to interact and socialize with other dogs. We also separate dogs into small playgroups, helping to make the safest and most enjoyable social experience for your pets.

Engages in exercise

An active dog is a happy, healthy, and better behaved one. Regular exercise will not only maintain their overall health and fitness level, but also reduce negative behavioural problems.

Here at Ruff Stuff, we know how important exercise is to your dog. That is why we engage your pup in all sorts of activities to keep your dog stimulated and fit as a fiddle.

Offers a safe environment  

Worried that the dog daycare you are considering won’t be able to provide a safe environment? Don’t put your pup’s wellbeing in the hands of just any dog service provider in Vancouver.

Ruff Stuff prides itself on providing the safest environment for your dog. We ensure all the dogs are fully vaccinated and vetted for temperament issues. Our team also continually monitors playtime, making sure your dog is always safe. Our dog daycare facilities include flooring made of the highest quality virgin rubber, protecting your pet’s joints while they run and play.

Thinking about bringing your pooch to a dog daycare? Visit Ruff Stuff today and see for yourself why we are the leading dog daycare in Vancouver.

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